SANG Skin Care Collection  is a medicinal plant-powered skincare , based on the philosophy of aromatherapy and herbal medicine which has been successfully used in Eastern and Western countries since ancient times.

Chinese Practitioners since ancient times had been using aromatherapy and herbs in Chinese medicine to eliminate toxins, remove blockages,  helping with degenerative conditions, psychological issues, lifestyle stressors, and infections.  As well as assist in the treatment of many skin and other various medical conditions .
Ancient Egyptians used the potent essential oils found in the many unguents used in mummification were effective antibacterial agents, and are partially responsible for the remarkable preservation of the corpses known as mummies.  When the mummies were uncovered thousands of years later, the flesh of the Mummy was still intact!  If it can do that to dead cells in the body, imagine what it can do to preserve a living cells!

Medicinal properties of plants have been documented and used worldwide for beauty and health to help maintain, regenerate and restore healthy glowing skin and combat the signs of premature ageing.  It helps to repair skin damage and assist in healing wounds and scars too.  In many cultures it is part of mainstream living and it is the preferred source of alleviating and preventing dis-ease.


  • SANG Skin Care Collection is about all things good and nothing harmful.  In alignment with Sang‘s personal beliefs that everything that goes onto our skin will go through our system so if we can’t eat it we shouldn’t be putting it on our skin.
  • SANG Skin Care Collection is chemical free and toxin free.  It contains no harmful ingredients and has no known side effects.  Each ingredient has been carefully selected to create a formula that can be used safely and with peace of mind.  
  • SANG Skin Care Collection is results driven and contains 100% natural raw materials  and natural high performance ingredients at the highest concentration with botanically derived ingredients such as 100% pure essential oils, herbs, roots, fruit flowers, and extracts that are rich in natural vitamins, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids.  We use only natural occurring carrier agents,  surfactants, humectants and emulsifiers, cold press vegetable oils, and natural plant based preservatives.  Each product delivers outstanding benefits and results in beautiful skin.
  • SANG Skin Care Collection is skin-compatible.  Our skin care range is plant based making its easier to penetrate the skin than animal based products.
  • Skin Usable.  Our skincare line contains ingredients that are useful to the skin in a way of nourishment, healing and regenerative to the skin. 
  • Never tested on animals.
  • We use natural preservatives.
  • Living in the harsh Australian environment, we often get clients who come through our Natural Health Centre with very weathered and discoloured skin.  After consistent use of the SANG Skin Care Collection, many clients report a reduction of redness to their skin by 30%. They also report great improvements in their skin’s complexion and notice a reduction of lines and wrinkles.


SANG S.O.S Skincare Collection  is FREE of harmful substance such as: 

  • Chemicals such as sulphates, parabens, ethoxylate, silicone, synthetic fragrances & dyes, formaldehyde, 1,4-dioxiane, hydroquinone, phthalates, mineral oil/petrolatum, , propylene glycol, SLS/SLES, PEG/PPG, triclosan, disodium EDTA , talc, MEA-DEA-TEA  or chemical sunscreens.
  • Mineral Oil & Petroleum - Are very pore-clogging and widely use in commercial cream.  For example, Vaseline which is 100% Petroleum and is commonly used as a barrier cream for babies in the olden days before they found that it is toxic.  It has been found in the recent times that there are evidence that Vaseline is connected to breast cancer.  In addition to the health concerns, Mineral oil is acts as a barriers on the skin preventing active ingredients to get through the skin
  • SD Alcohol 40 and Denatured Alcohol (the "bad" alcohols commonly found in toners that are extremely drying)
  • Sodium or Ammonium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfate (drying and irritating to the barrier of the skin)
  • Isopropyl Myristate & Isopropyl Palmitate (may cause blackheads)
  • Synthetic dyes (can be a skin irritant)
  • Synthetic fragrances (the #1 cause of allergic reactions to products. 
  • Phthalates (commonly used in synthetic fragrances and may disrupt hormones)
  • Known sensitizers (ingredients that can cause irritation) known to affect marine life in the Great Lakes by slipping through water treatments)

These ingredients are commonly found in products marketed as "natural".  Unfortunately, many of these ingredients are not natural, and the essential oils have either been substituted or replaced by synthetic fragrances removing all of the amazing benefits of real essential oil and natural ingredients. 


In her teenage years, Sang had very severe acne skin conditions causing her to study and experiment with different solutions for her skin.  It was very exciting to be able to treat her own acne skin and thus starting her on the path to becoming a world renowned skin expert. 

During her professional training her skin continued to break out but was told it was because they were practicing on each other and that activated the skin.  After graduation, she was devastated as she was not able to get the result she needed for her own problematic skin with any of the professional products that were available - from the most expensive to the cheapest.  

With trial and error, lots of tears, and traditional solutions for acne treatment not working for her acne prone skin, she started researching  and  studying cosmetic chemistry and aromatherapy.  She looked into different techniques and natural remedies which had been used in Eastern and Western cultures to treat different skin conditions.

During the earlier days when she first opened her first Skin Clinic at the age of 19, there was not the technology in the beauty industry like we have today.  Which meant as a Skin Clinician, you were fully depending on your own skills and your own products.  This was when and how Sang’s self developed skin care was born.  

In the desperate search for something to treat and heal her own skin, Sang did significant research on what was in general skin care products and also looked very closely at historic times – particularly Ancient Egyptian and Chinese medicine, after much research  she came to the conclusion that her skin care will have to be founded on the principles of aromatherapy.


Ancient Egyptians learned to use essential oils in the process of mummification because of its effective antibacterial properties and was responsible for the remarkable preservation of the corpses known as mummies today.  The amazing discovery about this fact is that when the mummies were uncovered many thousands of years later it was discovered that the flesh of the mummy was still intact.  This got Sang to start thinking, "if that is what it can do to a dead cells in the body imagine what it can do to preserve a living cells".

Strengthening Sang’s belief in the power of essential oil as she was researching Ancient Chinese medicine, she found that essential oil and herbs were used by Chinese Practitioners in Chinese medicine to eliminate toxins, remove blockages, help with degenerative conditions, psychological issues, lifestyle stressors, and infections.  It also assisted in treating many skin and medical conditions.  Essential oil and herbs have been successfully used in ancient Chinese medicine and still today by herbalists and accupuncturists both in the Western and Eastern world to treat all types of health and skin conditions. 

As Sang reviewed the general skincare products on the market, she found that many were filled with harmful substances that irritate, clog and dry out the skin.  These products contains very little nutritional value to the skin, and were often times popular based on the heavy synthetic fragrance and not the effectiveness of the product.  

A couple of these ingredients are mineral oil & petroleum which are both pore-clogging, yet widely used in commercial creams and other skin care products.  In addition to the health issues since both ingredients act as a skin barrier, it makes it difficult for the active ingredients to penetrate the into the skin easily.  Among it all there are a list of chemical cocktails which are known to be toxic to our body and are being used in many general skin care products.  It does not make sense, because if it is toxic to your system why would you put it on your skin?

With all of her research and findings Sang set out to formulate a 100% natural aromatherapy and plant-based skin care product that would be like food for the skin.  All of the ingredients selected have nourishing and nutritional properties.  Using her own formula she was able to treat her own problematic skin and started using it to treat her client's skin effectively as well. 

As the popularity of the collection grew, Sang has been working tirelessly with a team of formulating chemists and wellness experts to create a full range of plant based products for collections that have not only created momentum locally, but their popularity is extending to an international forum.  Sang has used only the purest of essential oils, natural preservatives, delicate plant based oils, and extracts that not only assist to purify and nourish the skin, but also assist in maintaining a youthful and radiant appearance.

When not travelling the globe promoting her skin care range, Sang works closely with her clients, educating them on the importance of looking after their skin and providing them with products that are beneficial for their skin’s wellbeing.  

The fact that all products are carefully manufactured in small batch sizes contribute to the uniqueness and quality of the product which may vary from batch to batch due to the natural content which only adds to the artisian feel.