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Our exfoliating cloth is specially designed to be used with our cleanser after the cleansing routine, by using the exfoliation cloth it will help to remove dead skin cells as well as any makeup that might still be left on the skin after cleansing. It can be used on every skin types, in fact, it is perfect for sensitive skin: Anyone with sensitive skin knows that she/he can't take a chance on just any kind of product. Some of the exfoliants on the market will irritate sensitive and acne-prone skin. Exfoliating with our exfoliation cloth is a natural and gentle way to slough off dead skin cells and improve skin complexion.

If you're ready to get a glowing complexion the easy, simple way, here's how:

1. Cleanse your skin with your normal cleanser, make sure you rinse off the cleanser with water after.

2. Thoroughly wet the exfoliation cloth with warm water and exfoliate the skin, starting from the forehead and rub in small circles, applying pressure with your hand. Move down to the cheeks, continuing to rub in circles. You may find it necessary to concentrate on the base of the nose, where a lot of oil accumulates. Continue exfoliating, moving to the chin. Again, some people have a buildup of oil glands, making it necessary to focus more on this area. Work your way now to the neck and decolletage 

3. After the skin is cleansed, you can follow with your moisturizing routine.

4 make sure the exfoliation cloth is cleaned well with a natural soap, and hang up to dry after use


Sang tutorial to 4 ways to exfoliation that you might like to watch :

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