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DIY Home Dermabrasion Online Workshop

DIY Home Dermabrasion  Online Workshop

Dermabrasion is a treatment that removes damaged outer layers of the skin to expose new layers of skin that appears younger & smoother. This treatment is a professional skin treatment which is normally performed in a skin clinic and now thanks to Sang sharing her unique technique and experience so you can enjoy doing it for yourself at Home.
Attending this workshop you will get to do the DIY dermabrasion on yourself with online instruction from Sang.
- Help to clear blemishes and improves skin complexion.
- Reduce the appearance of the fine line
- firm and tighten the facial muscles create a slimmer appearance to the facial contour
- Improve acne scars,
- Improve age spots, uneven skin tone
- Improve dark circle and puffiness under the eyes
Just like the body, we want to detox, nourish, and exercise to keep it looking good, our DIY Home Dermabrasion we show you how to do the same on your face.
WARNING: Be prepared to have people asking you how your skin is looking so glowing and radiant.
Get your girlfriends together and join us for a fun educational workshop, teenagers are welcome. Private Group booking of up to 8 people is available, just email us to arrange the time best suited.

Location: Online using zoom
Date & time:
  • please see the option below, available over  Zoom so it can be done from the comfort of home

STEP 1:  Paid for your workshop and book a date. 

 via email to

STEP 2: introduction to DIY Dermabrasion workshop by Sang

STEP 3: Learn the importance of skin cleansing routine and how to clean your skin properly and which cleanser best suited to your skin ( Milk of Foaming) and Hydration Toner.

STEP 4: How to use the  Crystal scrub to exfoliate and learn the importance of facial exfoliation.

STEP 5: Learn how to do aroma facial steam- learn the importance of it.

STEP 6:  Learn to pick the right facial mask for you and when  and how to use it not just as a facial mask but also as a spot treatment for skin breakout 

STEP 7: Learn how to do Lymphatic and anti-ageing massage using Sang Signature technique, and learn the importance of it as it should be apart of everyone daily routine, just s you exercise your body to keep it looking young and trim and healthy, Lymphatic and anti-ageing massage does the same for the face.

Step 8: Learn how to use our amazing Sang Formula No1- Recovery Balm for the whole family

Step 9: Questions and answers

About Sang

Ha is the CEO/founder and creator of SANG Skin Care and Sang Natural Health.  Sang is a health and beauty professional and comes to you with over 32 years of clinical experience.  Among her accomplishments is her very own skincare range “SANG Skincare ” which is currently distributed nationally and internationally.

Sang’s qualifications include :

Founder and creator of Sang Skincare, Trainer and consultant, with international diplomas in Beauty Therapy,  Aromatherapy,  Massage Therapy,  Makeup Artistry,  Laser Therapy, Cosmetic Tattoo and Advanced training in Therapeutic Laser for treatment for Dermatology and Scar Repair,  Musculoskeletal Conditioning, Pain and Wound management.

How to Redeem

  • Bookings essential via email to please provide us with phone number and preferred day/time for an appointment
  • Book early to secure your desired date and time
  • Note that appointments are conducted via video Zoom

Changes to Booking

24 hours’ notice is required to change a booking you have made


All changes and cancellations are subject to our standard Refund Policy

Time allows: 1hours

What you will need to have to attend the workshop :

  1. DIY Dermabrasion Facial Pack OR  Minimum  -Sang's Crystal scrub, Sang's  Rose Mask or Detox Mask and Sang Formula No.1- Recovery Balm. 
  2. A mirror
  3. A large bowl
  4. Exfoliation cloth if you don't have one use a face cloth
  5. spatula if you have one or a teaspoon
  6. mask brush if you have one
  7. jug of hot water

    TO BUY :

    DIY Dermabrasion Pack Full size

    Travel Pack plus add on a Crystal Scrub and a Detox Mask  or Rose Mask

    Zip pay and After Pay is available on checkout

    Additional: you can get your friends together for a fun facial party , make yourself your favourite snacks and drinks to enjoy during the workshop. Most ladies would have their wine/champagne and cheese platter, this is a very relaxed and social workshop, I will be on the video call 10min beforehand and I will be hanging out after, for any questions, ladies feel free to stick around after and network with the other ladies.

    Is this safe for sensitive skin?

    Yes! Our Balm uses natural ingredients and is designed specifically for sensitive skin - it shouldn't give you any breakouts / irritate the skin.

    How many uses?

    The jar comes in either 30grams which on average lasts 1-2 month, or 50 grams which on average lasts 2-3 months. (3-4 uses per week).

    What are the benefits of The Recovery Balm?

    The Recovery Balm detoxifies your skin, cleanses your skin, and invigorates your skin. It also assists in closing your pores and removing pollutants that come in contact with the skin.

    Is your product vegan and animal cruelty free?

    Yes - all Sang Skin Care products are animal cruelty free and made from 100% natural ingredients

    How long till I notice results?

    You will notice results instantly! Even after first use, your skin will appear clean and far softer than before. 

    Sang's tutorial video on all the amazing use of the  Formula no.1 Recovery bam :

    How to apply the balm correctly

    How to DIY lymphatic and Anti-Ageing facial massage

    How the slow down the process of ageing naturally

    The Do and Don't on problematic skin for teen and adult breakout

    Using Sang‘s Balm Collection for eczema, dry itchy and dermatitis

     What to use for problematic skin. From oily to acne-prone, teen and adult acne!​

    Tips for Winter Skin

    Four ways to exfoliation

     No more breakout

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