Reduces inflammation and may help to treat breakouts and heal scars caused by acne.and can be used on all stages of acne.

Which of the Sang Balm Collection to use?

For best results, Sang Recovery Balm is the best as this contain the full high concentration of the anti-ageing as well as all the healing and nourishing ingredients, but for younger skin or people with a budget, our S.O.S. Balm has the same ingredients as or Recovery balm but in a lower concentration.

Sang Lavender Balm and Sang Vitamin E Balm is also another option, especially when using on the body.

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    • Crystal Dermabrasion Scrub


    As a daily treatment moisturizer, use morning and night, rubbing a small amount between palms to liquefy, then massaging gently all over the face and neck until balm is absorbed.

    On the moderate and severe stages of acne where the lesions are inflamed, after applying the balm thinly all over the face and neck, reapply the balm thickly directly over the inflammation lesions.

    An important note of how to best use the balm – because of its anti-inflammatory and healing ingredients in the balm, we find that this is very effective in its ability to reduce inflammation on acne skin. If the lesion is red, inflamed and/or sore, the balm can be used directly over the lesion. This will help to soothe the inflammation, but if a pimple has no redness ( inflammation) we recommend our detoxifying mask to be used as a spot treatment to draw out the blockage without drying of the skin.

    Real Story:

    “I have acne prone skin and when I started using the S.O.S Balm after two hours the redness was completely gone and the pain was gone. By the morning after, the size of the pimple decreased by half the size. Two days after the application the pimple was completely healed and left no scarring. I most definitely would recommend this product to others. After years of using different products for breakouts I had never had any success until I started using the Balm. I love that the product contains all natural ingredients, it smells beautiful, and it’s a very versatile product and most of all, great for my skin.”

    Suzette Parreno - QLD Australia