From a young age, Sang was passionate about finding a balance between Eastern & Western health products. In her teenage years she struggled with different skin conditions causing her to experiment with solutions. After completing her professional training, her skin continued to trouble her. She felt annoyed that despite having a house full of products (expensive & cheap) that she was required to use at different times of the day, her skin was still the same!

At the age of 19, she opened her first Skin Clinic. She used it as a chance to begin perfecting her art and finally creating products that were simple, effective and loved by all.

She studied Eastern and Western medicine and knew that the answer was to combine both!

Sang knew that in Chinese Medicine, essential oils have been used for centuries and are still used today. In the West, the Egyptians used essential oils to preserve the dead during mummification. Even, after thousands of years the flesh remained intact!

The word soon spread, and her products became a household staple for many of her clients. They too wanted a single product that could be used by all members of the family. They could not get enough of her plant-based products and she decided it was time to share her products outside her selected clients

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